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We do our utmost to ensure that our customers can relax when it comes to online banking. And to do this, we invest in new technology and security standards every year.

Greater security in Banking

In autumn 2011, we started to switch the girocard that comes with comdirect’s fee-free current account over to Visa Europe’s V PAY European payment system. This system makes skimming the card data much harder. As well as the usual magnetic strip, the girocard will now use the latest chip technology. We also offer our customers the highest level of security on our fee-free comdirect Visa card. Cardholders can request an additional password which they then have to input for online payments. This ensures even greater security when shopping online for example. In addition, we have introduced the mobileTAN procedure for banking and brokerage transactions. Before a money transfer or securities order is placed, we send our customers the transaction number (TAN) by SMS on their mobile. This mobileTAN is only valid for a short time and only for this specific transaction. It is therefore almost impossible to intercept and make unauthorised use of a TAN. There is no additional charge at comdirect for the mobileTAN procedure.

And to make sure that our customers can optimally protect their computers, we are working with one of the world’s leading providers of antivirus software.

Greater protection for financial investments

But security is not just essential for banking on the internet. It also applies to financial investments themselves. Good interest rates on call money or fixed-term deposits are one side of the coin; security is the other. It is important that customers' credit balances are also fully protected. At comdirect, your deposits earn attractive interest rates and are also safely invested. As well as the statutory deposit protection, which was increased from €50,000 to €100,000 per bank customer at the end of 2010, the deposit insurance scheme of the Bundesverband deutscher Banken (Association of German Banks) offers additional protection – around €107.1m per customer in the case of comdirect (as at: 31 December 2011). An aspect that is especially important to many people in Germany: the “Customer Motives Survey 2011” published by comdirect shows that security is the most important investment criterion for the majority of Germans (62%) when it comes to financial investments.

The highest level of security or good returns? The two should not be mutually exclusive. At comdirect, customers can enjoy both.

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