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The number of employees is set to increase moderately in financial year 2012. As a result of growth, additional positions will be created in Customer Services in the B2C business line in particular. In addition, there are plans to expand our in-house IT capacity, with the aim of securing expertise. We also expect a slight rise at ebase as a result of the expanded range of products and services.

The aim for 2012 is to recruit the right talents for the bank, deploy these staff members optimally and retain them long term and also promote cooperation within the bank in the best way possible. Focal areas for personnel development will therefore comprise comdirect’s positioning as an attractive employer, for example by intensifying exchange formats with candidates via web 2.0. In addition, we will dedicate ourselves to the specific development of junior staff for various target groups, for example through the launch of our new “IT specialists in system integration” training course and expansion of our cooperation with universities. We use our comfly team feedback process and other measures to promote collaboration within the comdirect group.