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Expected business development and competitive position

From today’s perspective and based on the assumptions made regarding the market and competitive environment, we expect our key performance indicators (KPI) to develop as follows in 2012:

  • The number of customers is set to rise again significantly. However, whether this increase can match the pace of growth seen in 2011, or even surpass it, depends in part on the development in earnings and on the budget this provides for marketing campaigns.
  • For assets under management, we also aim to attract considerable net fund inflows in the securities business in 2012. Provided prices remain stable, this will lead to a rise in the portfolio volume. In contrast, due to the movement in market interest rates we only expect moderate growth in the deposit volume.
  • With regard to the number of orders, we are currently expecting a decline compared with 2011, which was dominated by unusually strong volatilities.
  • In contrast, the number of custody accounts set to rise, boosted by cross-selling effects from the banking products which we advertise, as well as marketing and product campaigns in brokerage. There are also planned migrations of fund portfolios in the B2B business line.

B2C business line

In brokerage, after a very good start for CFD trading and the launch of OTC limit functions, we are confident that we will be able to convince more active traders of the benefits offered by “Germany's performance broker”. In addition we expect a larger share of trades will be executed via our OTC trading platforms. For securities investors and savers we launched an ETF offensive for one-off investments and savings plans in the first quarter of 2012. As part of this campaign, 50 attractive ETFs can be traded at a flat-fee of €3.90 per trade throughout the whole of 2012 and there are no order fees on the purchase of these ETFs via a securities savings plan.

In banking, the focus is on the expansion of card functions and features, such as contactless payments. Here a special chip in the Visa card transmits the payment data in encrypted form directly to the point of sale so that the payment transaction can be completed in less than a second without card contact. comdirect bank is scheduled to start issuing these “Visa payWave” cards from mid-2012 onwards.

We intend to further develop our advisory offerings – Baufinanzierung PLUS, Anlageberatung PLUS and Vorsorgeberatung PLUS. In this regard, the growth course is set to continue for building finance in particular, not only via our online live advice service but also through the local offices. The bank plans to once again increase the volume of building finance placed as well as the number of customer contacts.

B2B business line

In the B2B business line, the focus is on further developing custody account and account solutions for networked cooperation partners. For instance, in future there will be an online-type account featuring extended payment transaction functions. ebase will therefore implement the mobile TAN procedure in the first half of 2012. This will enable insurance companies in particular, but also non-banks outside their usual target segments, to offer their end customers comprehensive banking services including payment transactions and investment accounts. The range will be supplemented by the Lombard loan. The deposit volume managed at ebase is also set to increase via the option of interest rate sponsoring by cooperation partners. Thanks to the independence from the main bank, a larger portion of the deposits will be held in the advisory service cycle.

Due to the pace of change in the money and capital markets, as well as the change in investor behaviour, the offering has to be flexible. ebase is confident that its expanded range of products and services is even better tailored to meeting the needs of its cooperation partners and their customers and that ebase’s positive development will therefore continue.