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Future strategic alignment

We will continue our present strategy in both business lines. In the B2C business line, our activities will continue to centre on the targets and areas for action under the “complus” programme, while the B2B business line will develop in line with the “Fit for the Future” programme. For details on the individual elements of our strategy for value-oriented growth, please see chapter Value-driven strategy and management system.

We make adjustments to the strategy during the year if this is required in order to utilise opportunities. Such opportunities may arise from developments in framework parameters, corporate strategy measures or efficiency improvements. In order to avail ourselves of opportunities, we monitor the economic, industry and regulatory environment on a continual basis. We also gain insights into investor behaviour from studies and regular customer surveys. Within the scope of the overall bank strategy, the Board of Managing Directors of comdirect bank AG decides the extent to which the bank is willing to accept a short-term decline in profitability in order to leverage opportunities for growth and profit.