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Competence and talent management

The comdirect group provides targeted support for talented individuals. In a systematic process carried out in the first half of the year, executives identified talent based on uniform benchmarks. This was followed by appropriate further development measures for these individuals in the second half of the year.

We continued our qualification programme in Customer Services. For new employees we offer a two-month “Training on the Job” (ToJ) programme, while experienced employees attend workshops and seminars as required as part of the comahead continued professional development programme. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) certification was obtained by 24 employees who passed the “Customer Services – Financial Services (IHK)” exam, which is an increase of 100% on the previous year.

Since October 2011 six university graduates have again been preparing for specialist functions in various departments under the comdirect graduates training programme. At the same time, six trainees from the previous year have successfully completed the twelve-month programme and are now working in specialist roles.

Seven university graduates started in various specialist departments in October as part of ebase’s training programme.

In financial year 2011, five prospective bankers commenced their training with the comdirect group (B2C business line), which means that we currently have a total of 16 trainees (previous year 21). To attract more young talent for our IT department, this summer comdirect is also launching a training programme for IT specialists in system integration. Depending on the trainee’s qualifications on leaving school, the course lasts between two-and-a-half and three years.

In the past year, two students started the business information technology dual study programme that we offer in cooperation with Nordakademie Elmshorn in Schleswig Holstein. There are now four part-time students on the course.