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Executive and team development

Number of employees of comdirect group as of 31.12.

comdirect promotes the development of its executives with seminars, coaching, workshops, development meetings and the comfly systematic team feedback process. In 2011, we designed a new seminar programme for executives where different topics can be selected according to hierarchy level and development needs. The first pilot events were held in November and December 2011.

We have established two professional programmes for junior executives and specialists and 23 employees are currently taking part in these. The General Professional Programme (GPP) is aimed at participants in specialist functions in the bank, while the Sales Professional Programme (SPP) is for colleagues in the Customer Services and Advice units. These are both two-year programmes and are intended to prepare participants for the demands of a future management role or senior specialist position.

Our executives are additionally supported by the specialist “Executive Adviser” function introduced at the end of 2010. The Executive Advisers are the main point of contact for all personnel-related matters. There was intensive support for complex processes such as the introduction of a new compensation model and systematic talent identification.

“Work/life balance” issues are becoming more and more important. In addition to working, many comdirect employees are looking after children or elderly relatives. For the comdirect group it is important to support employees and help them combine the different aspects of their life. Anonymous individual interviews were conducted as a first step towards gaining a meaningful understanding of what is required. In December 2011, external experts asked various employee groups about their situation and their expectations in terms of the work/life balance. The survey relates to the bank’s aim to promote diversity at all levels of the company and particularly at management level. The planned expansion of the options available to promote the work/life balance is also set to support women in their career development and increase the proportion of women in managerial positions in the long term.

Furthermore, we support women through cooperation with women’s networks at universities, diversity training and mentoring programmes. At present, the share of female managers at comdirect stands at over 20%. In our training programmes for junior specialists and executives, the share of women is 30% and in our external junior staff (apprentices, dual study students, graduates) it exceeds 35%.