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Recruitment and retention management

At the end of 2011, 1,148 staff members were employed in the comdirect group, a slight rise on the previous year (1,120 employees). The increase stems primarily from new recruitments in Customer Services in the B2C business line. It was necessary to expand the team in Customer Services to cope with the growing number of customer contacts around the clock and to provide support for complex products such as CFDs. Overall, the number of employees in the B2C business line climbed to 926 (end 2010: 897 employees). In the B2B business line, the number of employees remained virtually constant at 222 (end 2010: 223 employees). A moderate decline resulting from the ongoing implementation of job cuts completed at the end of 2010 was countered by a strengthening in sales-related departments. In addition, the figure includes the AGI employees who were transferred when AGI’s direct business for the cominvest custody account was transferred to ebase.