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Share price performance, trading volume, shareholder structure

With a slight price rise of 3.9% to €7.48, comdirect shares performed substantially better than the market environment. The SDAX lost 14.5% in the reporting year. The turmoil in the markets affected the financial sector in particular and the DAXsector Financial Services Performance Index reported a fall of around 17%.

In May 2011, we paid our shareholders a dividend of €0.42 per share. This produces a total shareholder return for 2011 of 9.7% compared with 15.1% in the previous year. comdirect shares reached their high for the year at €8.65 on 9 May 2011 ahead of the annual general meeting. In addition to the technical ex-dividend markdown, the subsequent drop in the share price with a low of €6.38 on 19 August reflected the general development of the market. In the new year, our shares then joined in the recovery phase that followed and at the end of January 2012, the price stood at €8.25, up 10.3% on the closing price at the end of 2011.

As of 31 December 2011, Commerzbank AG continued to indirectly hold 80.53% of the shares, with 19.47% of the shares in free float. The closing price at year-end 2011 produces a market capitalisation of €1,056.2m, of which €205.6m was attributable to free float. This market capitalisation again puts comdirect bank AG in the middle of the SDAX. On average, 73 thousand units were traded a day, 14.6% more than in the previous year. Of this trading volume, 88.0% was traded on XETRA and 7.6% on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Development of share price of comdirect share 30.12.2010 to 30.12.2011

Investor Relations

The comdirect group believes in maintaining an active dialogue with private investors, institutional investors and analysts. This is based on both transparent and timely financial communications. The Board of Managing Directors and Investor Relations team of comdirect presented the strategy and business development at roadshows, conferences and numerous individual meetings with investors and analysts. Highlights here include

  • the Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference in Frankfurt/Main
  • the Commerzbank Corporate Day in London
  • the Metzler e-Commerce Day in Frankfurt/Main
  • the UniCredit German Investment Conference in Munich and
  • the German Equity Forum held by Deutsche Börse and DVFA in Frankfurt/Main.

comdirect bank AG is currently regularly evaluated and rated by nine research institutes.

Around 430 shareholders attended our annual general meeting in Hamburg on 12 May 2011. With a presence of 83.66% of the share capital, all voting items on the agenda were passed with clear majorities of between 99.95% and 99.99%. The entire event was broadcast live on comdirect's website. Shareholders could choose to exercise their vote in writing or by proxy voting via the internet.

comdirect bank’s financial reporting once again met high requirements in terms of timeliness and transparency in the reporting year. In each case, we presented our quarterly figures in a conference call, the recording of which was made available as on-demand version on the website along with the presentation. The analysts’ conference was broadcast live on the internet and is also available as a recording online. As in the past, all financial reports were published earlier than required under the German Corporate Governance Code. The information provided is supplemented by the monthly publication of the key operating figures.

The 2011 annual report is available in printed form and as an interactive online version in German and English and as an iPad optimised version.

Data and key figures of the share 2011

1) Indirectly
2) Daily closing quotation
German securities code no. 542 800  
ISIN code DE0005428007  
Stock exchange code COM  
  Reuters: CDBG.DE  
  Bloomberg: COM GR  
Stock exchange segment SDAX  
Number of shares issued 141,220,815 no-par-value shares  
Designated sponsor Commerzbank AG  
Shareholder structure 80.53 % Commerbank AG1)  
  19.47 % Free float  
Key figures 2011
Average daily turnover in units XETRA 63,926
  Frankfurt 5,493
  Other stock exchanges 3,193
Opening quotation XETRA (3.1,2011) 7.30 €  
Highest price XETRA (9.5,2011)2) 8.65 €  
Lowest price XETRA (19.8,2011)2) 6.38 €  
Closing quotation XETRA (30.12,2011) 7.48 €  
Market capitalisation (30.12,2011) €1,056.2m  

Key figures of comdirect bank share – five-year overview

    2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
1) As of 2008 including the contributions of ebase
2) Dividend proposal
3) Daily closing quotation
4) Based on the respective closing quotation at year-end
5) Sum of the share price increase and dividend in relation to the share price as of the end of the previous year
6) Based on the dividend proposal and closing quotation at year-end
7) Based on closing quotation at year-end and earnings per share
8) Average daily turnover in units
Earnings per share1) 0.79 0.42 0.40 0.43 0.41
Dividend per share 0.562) 0.42 0.41 0.41 0.41
Opening quotation 7.30 6.60 6.18 8.46 9.40
Highest price3) 8.65 8.30 7.02 9.62 13.28
Lowest price3) 6.38 6.44 4.57 4.54 7.95
Closing quotation 7.48 7.20 6.61 6.18 8.36
Number of shares   141,220,815 141,220,815 141,220,815 141,220,815 141,220,815
Market capitalisation (last trading day) € million 1,056.2 1,016.8 933.5 872.7 1,180.6
Performance4) % 3.9 8.9 7.0 - 26.1 - 9.4
TSR5) % 9.7 15.1 13.6 - 21.2 5.7
Dividend yield6) % 7.5 5.8 6.2 6.6 4.9
P/E ratio7)   9.5 17.1 16.5 14.4 20.4
XETRA trading volume8)   63,926 54,853 62,693 105,944 194,888
Frankfurt trading volume8)   5,493 5,884 6,918 10,656 28,655
comdirect share – daily turnover 2011